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    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    How many times during the week do you ask yourself ‘Is it Friday yet?’ If you’re like many of us the answer is OFTEN! De -stressing and coming to your happy place at the end of the week is so important and we often forget exactly how to do that, in conjunction with what works for our lifestyle. Do you ever just think – I need 15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week?

    First of all – What is ‘stress’? There are of course a few definitions, however the one I related to most was: “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” Our mental state can highly affect our physical health, and I’ve often felt this resulting from my work week.

    Like many of us, I’m a huge fan of wine! Generally if I’ve had a big day or week (or just feel like it!), I generally go for some grape water… however in the spirit of health and fitness, it’s probably not the option which should be done too often. Therefore – for all the career peeps, Mums & Dads anyone else who works their butt off- I’ve compiled a fabulous list… Here are 15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week:

    15 Ways to De-Stress from the


    1. Yoga

    To say I’m a huge believer in the powers of movement & and exercise is an understatement, and in particular Yoga! I started Yoga after I got into Pilates for my back injury, and it really taught me so much about my body in general, but also how to effectively connect my mind to my body and also to be more present. Many people think yoga is about flexibility and that you have to be a gymnast to enter a class – however it’s simply not the case. The connection between having your mind connect to your body, and progress your body’s flexibility over time is amazing for your health. Start slow and don’t overdo it – the progress will come! I am going to write a separate post on all the benefits of yoga shortly!


    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    This was from a yoga retreat I attended in Bali in 2014!


    1. Meditation

    Meditation is something I think people seem to be a little unsure of, and often find it hard to let their minds enter into this mindset. It’s another one that is best introduced at your own pace to learn what suits you I recently saw an article suggesting to create a ‘relaxation room’ – I love the concept, but sometimes we just don’t have the space! Think outside the box of achieving this – it may just mean a small space in a room, where you can light a candle, sit or lay flat for a few minutes while you practice some breathing techniques or listen to some soft music. It doesn’t need to be a dedicated shrine to meditation all the time, just make it work for you and your lifestyle.



    1. Bath & Bubbles Time

    For me, I am actually identify as a ‘water baby’! For others, not so much. I know people who feel like a bath is a waste of time and they get bored easily with the concept. This is fine! I’ve always felt there is true physical and mental aspects that go with a bath. Immediately, I feel like if I have ran one, put some candles on and sprinkled some bath salts in – I am on my way to being relaxed. The bubbles, the feeling of weightlessness in the water and the aromatherapy smell does wonders. If you are like me, I’d suggest the following: Face Mask, Candle or soft lighting, bath salts, bubbles, towel or head pillow, face washer or towel handy


    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    1. Exercise

    To some people this is a no brainer, and to others hearing the word can make you cringe! However, love it or hate it – it’s true what they say about exercise – it’s excellent for you! Whether it’s a small and slow paced swimming session, to a vigorous cardio session, we’re getting our body moving, our minds are out of our work day and we’re improving our health with each minute you’re striving for your end goal. I wrote another blog piece on 15 ways to keep motivated on your fitness journey and really believe in the power of exercise to get those endorphin’s released and having us feeling our best.


    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    1. Massage

    Seems like an easy one, but people often don’t treat themselves enough! I see getting a massage as a ‘general service and maintenance’ for your body. You don’t let your car go without one for a certain time – why would you let your body? Affordability and time can often be the excuse – tell your family it’s your next birthday present or save up – but schedule in an hour and treat yourself. I am also a huge fan of Myotherapy (Deep tissue massage) as this focuses on key areas you can target depending on injury or maintenance needs!


    1. Pamper – Manicure / Pedicure / Facial – home or paid

    Along with a massage, a general pamper is definitely the way to go! Manicures, pedicures and facials can leave you feeling like a million bucks. Paid options are often fantastic, but there are lots of great ways to do this at home (think wine, a great movie, a soak in the bath and exfoliation scrub!)


    1. Cooking

    Here me out! I often get home and think ‘I really cannot be bothered cooking’ – BUT in many times I’ve searched a fantastic recipe and decided to absorb myself in the process completely. It’s a creative outlet that I often forget about the romance of creating something new. This can really be a great way to be creative, not think about anything else going on – and also allows you to either entertain your guests or partners with a great meal or delicious treat… Hey – a girls gotta eat!


    1. Go to a Park

    Sounds simple because it is. A park is generally close to nature, has vibrancy and bursts of energy in it and often has wildlife around. These three aspects allow you to either relax or take a few minutes to focus on something outside of your norm. Look around and find something new to appreciate (for me, this is meeting new dogs, I generally fall in love straight away!).   15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    1. Listen to your favorite music

    Again, this sounds simple, but don’t underestimate the value of absorbing yourself in some of your favorite tunes! Its how I get motivated before and during my workouts and can really help me get through the day. This time is about YOU so enjoy it with whatever musical tastes you have.


    1. Spend time with loved ones and your Pets

    I often spend time with my family just to recharge and be around good positive people. My nieces and nephews seem to give me life and I adore being around them all. For everyone, family looks and means something different so go with whatever fits! I also have a dog – a Chihuahua Cross – Portia (my fur child) who I’ve had for 7 years. I got her from a rescue shelter and it was the best money I’ve ever spent in getting her! She literally follows me around and she is my little princess 🙂


    1. Beach

    Another place I generally can lose myself in – the beach. Sand, water, ocean smells and general calm. Overall whether you’re walking, running or sitting at the beach, I generally find this to be a good place to just let everything from the week or day go and just be.  


    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week


    1. Reading

    I have so many books I love and haven’t gotten around to reading as yet! I’m sure many of you are the same too, however if you can make time even for 20 minutes in your day, you will feel better for it. It absorbs your thinking into something else completely and allows your brain and focus to be somewhere else. It really is exercise for your brain! 

    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week

    1. Get Creative

    Creativity is definitely something that is underrated when it comes to de-stressing. The key is finding an outlet which is enjoyable for you, and not necessarily something that you are good at. There is a big difference and our human nature kicks in when we feel like we have to be good at something to do it. The fact is – we don’t! It can and should be anything that you can get lost in – it may be writing, painting, drawing, making things out of clay or even paper machete if that’s your thing. Don’t get hung up on only doing something because you are good at it – do it because it’s something you can get lost in and re-energize yourself with.



    1. Writing down your day and understanding how you feel (Reflection)

    Some people keep journals and some don’t. If you do, then great – you are more than likely doing this anyway. If not, try simply writing and getting out any frustrations, feelings or thoughts down to get them out of your head. You can choose to read it back and throw it away or keep it and reflect. It is all about you and what you are comfortable with. It sounds like its easy and really it is – try it and you’ll be surprised how this simple task can really de-stress you overall.


    15 Amazing Ways To De-Stress After the Work Week


    1. Drink Green Tea

    I’m a huge fan of tea in general, but Green Tea in particular seems to have some great proven effects on the mind and body, especially when it comes to de-stressing. The benefits include fat burning and improved physical performance, improved brain function overall and also links to decreasing chances of getting some diseases and health issues like cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. All these combined along with sometimes the physical act of stopping and enjoying a hot drink will be beneficial to your overall de-stressing.


    I’ve listed fifteen of my favorite things to do at the end of the week to de-stress – I’d love you to try as many as you can and let me know what your favorite is or are! Have I missed any – what are your regular activities to de-stress?










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