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    Love at First Blog – The Connection

    Keep Calm

    Have you ever gone onto a blog website and instantly connected with the writer?

    There are many websites that of course this doesn’t happen with, but how magical is it when it does! You click through posts and find that your own personal ‘light bulb’ goes on from what they’re saying, the layout and the feel of the theme connects with you and you find common themes with your blog content.


    I often find myself drafting an abundance of posts on my travels or noting down ideas and then realizing ‘oh, I’ve just found a blogger that I love and they’ve already written about this topic’.

    I was about to can a recent draft of a post where this had happened. I felt as though this may be seen to be ‘copying’ to some level and I felt really bad (even though I had written the post well before!). I thought through this and decided against it.

    Why you ask?

    Two reasons.

    One | Ideas can come in many forms – you may get inspiration from a discussion with someone, from walking down the street, from reading a newspaper, from watching a movie or TV show. As much as we like to feel every idea of ours is completely original, the chances are that someone has written on the topic prior. There are literally millions of bloggers all wanting to reach their audiences with their view points and express themselves. Which brings me to my next point…

    Two | Look up and now down – This may not make sense – give me a second to explain! I realized in my immediate guilt stricken thoughts that I wasn’t actually copying this woman’s blog or post – I had actually just found a blog that I liked and connected with – and it firmed up my find when I saw that we had a similar topic! After I realized this, it got me thinking about actually saying to myself ‘this woman’s blog is actually amazing and should be celebrated – I’ve found another great blog to follow (yay!)’. Which is why I should actually be looking up and not down on this issue!

    Blog Quote

    I’m also a big believer in celebrating people in general and their achievements which is why I will most likely feature this blogger in another post I am doing about highlighting my favorite blogs!

    It’s also been highlighted to me that I can be hard on myself (like many of us!) so I asked Mr ‘google’ about how many others had done either a blog post or article on this topic.. Turns out about 13 pages of google hits at 10 options per page… quite a few!

    Feeling much better about it now… =)


    What blogs do you feel you connect with and why?




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