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12 Tips for a Flawless Fake Tan Application

Tanning sun kissed

Who doesn’t like looking like they’ve just spent 3 months in Europe on a beach, soaking up the rays and having a naturally bronze, sun-kissed glow… ?

Ok – come back to reality for one second and let’s work on faking it until you can get to that beach 🙂

We’re coming into our official summer season in Australia tomorrow and it’s certainly a time where I love having a bit of a glow. However, why limit to just summer? Other seasons can also call from some bronzed glam – it may just be a lighter layer! I’ve prepared the Sun Kissed Summer beauty series for you over the next few weeks and where better to start than some tips and tricks to prepare your skin and ensure the best application. My sister was never wrong in her tips and I’m sharing the secrets starting with the below:


Skin Preparation Tips

Never underestimate the importance of good skin preparation! Overall, with the fantastic caliber of fake tanning products out today, you’ll more than likely get a decent color, however by preparing your skin prior to application will give you an even better end result. If you’re going to put time and effort into it, a little bit of prep goes a long way.

Hydrate & Moisturize – Before and After

We all try to drink enough water to keep ourselves healthy and keep our skin silky and smooth as much as possible. Its often already in our daily routines, however by ensuring you do this will help keep your skin in great condition, and will actually help the application of your product and also assist with pro-longing the color.


This is a no brainer for many of us, however for optimal results (particularly for legs) be as hair free as possible. Everyone’s skin tolerance is different, but I generally make sure my legs are hair free on the day of the application (if possible) or the night before if you are a little bit more sensitive. I wouldn’t suggest waxing to close to the application, as skin will not be happy!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Did I mention Exfoliate? I invested in some exfoliation gloves or mitts (most supermarkets and pharmacies will stock these) are most effective tools, however I have also used body washes or scrubs which are also good for taking the layer of dead skin off. If you can, use both. Focus on the ankles, knees and elbows as these are some of the roughest areas. Not only will you come out silky smooth and feeling like a goddess (insert rolling around in silky sheets!) , your skin will have a soft layer and the application will be easier and it gives you the best chance of getting the best color!


Application Tips

Protection for Your Bathroom or Floors

Remember that where ever you are tanning, there is a big chance you will get tanning product around (especially with spray’s). I use an old sheet and lay that on my bathroom floor. Newspaper is also a good idea as you can throw this straight out. You may not protect everything, but thinking ahead will save you many hours in clean up time!

Use a Tanning Glove

No one like’s having hands that are quite clearly patchy and darker than the rest of your body. Instead of focusing on your bronzed look, they’ll see the palms of your hands and stick to focusing on that. To avoid this disaster, apply the fake tan with a tanning mitt, this will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your tanning career! It takes a little getting used to, however it’s well worth it. If you’re like me and have small hands, a tip would be to spread your fingers out to make the glove tighter around your hand and reduces the likelihood of the glove slipping around.

Focus On Your Ankles, Knees and Elbows

I mentioned the ankles, knee and elbow areas in the skin preparation tips above and also in application section as they are really important areas to get right. Don’t overdo how much product you put on these areas, and I’d suggest just sweeping a light cost of the product over these areas gently with the tanning mitt to begin with. These areas absorb the product more naturally as it is rougher skin.

Long & Even Strokes

Long and even strokes over the areas is the key and try to be as even in your application of the product as possible (even if you are using a spray). Focus on lending and buffering the product into your skin in an even way.


The best time to apply fake tan is when you first get out of the shower and your body is cooling down – it helps with getting the tan to go over your skin smoothly and also take to the surface.

Face, Ears and Hands

Don’t forget your face, ears & hands – but go over these areas carefully as they are really visible and will stand out if there’s too much product absorbed on the skin. Be fearless as these areas need love too, however less is always more in these areas – you can always build your color up. To start, you may feel more comfortable with using a bronzer (my favorite is Australis Bronzing Powder approx. AUD 13.95). I would suggest at least using the tanner (or a face tanner) on your face as the color will stay even when your make-up is off. I’ve had many times where I haven’t done this, then wanted to go somewhere without makeup and couldn’t as my face was my normal skin color and the rest of me was bronzed!

Dry yourself with a Fan or Hair Dryer

This may sound strange, however to avoid the possibility of getting tan on your walls as your walking around, or to make sure the tan sets as quickly as possible – fan yourself! I stood in front of a fan the other day and in cooler weather I’ve also used my hair dryer. Sounds strange, but try it out!


The Days After


When you get out of the shower, pat dry your skin. It’s a simple one, but will help not rub of the color unevenly (depending on how long you want the tan to stay).


Here it is again – moisturize! It also helps to prolong your tan and assists with bringing the color off evenly over time. Another idea is using a gradual tanning moisturizer, which softens the skin and will also assist with keeping the color in a gradual and soft way.


I hope these tips help you be a bronzed goddess over summer or on your night out! I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite tanning products with you too so stay tuned for those as well!

Got any other tips or tricks for your tan? Leave a comment- I’d love to know!




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