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Create a Punch Line – Halloween & Dress up Party Makeup

Create a Punch Line - Makeup

Recently I went to a dress up birthday party – and typically I find the effort around these themed parties a little bit of a hassle sometimes, however the theme was seemed quite and different being ‘the Olympics’ and decided the best option for me was a boxer (as I had a set of boxing gloves handy!).

I rounded up some hi-top shoes and shiny shorts from K-mart, braided my hair and figured I was done.. Until I thought it would be really effective to add just a little makeup sparkle… a massive bruise on my eye for the whole effect! My ‘punch’ line for the night was going to be “you should see the other girl!”.

I am a lover of makeup and have completed a course in makeup artistry and have generally done wedding or special occasion makeup, so this was a really new area for me to try and to be honest I loved every second of doing it.

I went to You Tube and searched for makeup tutorials on how to do a ‘punch in the face’ type look and after looking at a few, I found one from Bridgitte at the Eyedolize Makeup channel which was easy to follow and had some great tips on how to complete the look (link below).

To create my version of this look, I needed just four colors:

  • Dark purple,
  • Purple/Pink
  • Lighter Purple/Pink
  • Light Yellow

My tip would be to be creative with how you use your colors, to get the best effect of what your after – whether it be a completely terrifying bruise or just a light tap.

Remember the lighting you’re in and the time of day you complete this look. I used a little more Yellow than I would if I did this look again. In person it was believable, however in photos and in certain lighting, it looked too yellow for the look I wanted for the evening.

Create a Punch Line - Makeup

Create a Punch Line – Makeup











Overall, I had so much fun doing this look and would encourage everyone to get creative and try this! Have some fun with your next look at a dress-up party or Halloween event!

To try this look with the guidance I had and would definitely recommend, the link is listed below:

Enjoy! xx


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  • Reply nrc

    Hmmmmmm we could do this for our Halloween costume this week! Xx

    29/10/2015 at 9:02 AM
    • Reply BLM

      Try it out!

      29/10/2015 at 9:13 AM

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