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Daily Inspiration of Lipstick Colors

Ever woken up in the morning, wanting to conquer the day and thought – which lipstick will help me do this? Whether it be a work presentation your wanting to own, a date with a new love prospect, a job interview or maybe even just one of those ‘Sex & the City Moments’ where you want to walk out and feel fabulous- there is always a lipstick and shade to help you do this. There is actually scientific research behind how people around you receive an impression from the lip color you wear so choose wisely!

A first impression of you can come from a simple shade of lip color and can really enhance an outfit. I’ve had so many days where I have felt sick or just not into what I was doing, however with a lipstick color on, people actually thought I was in a different mood than I actually was! First impressions can really count. I love makeup in general, however have a love affair with lipstick especially, which is why I’ve collated this post with the first impressions for lip colors as a quick guide for you!

First Impression: Creative and daring, ambitious and driven

When to Wear:
Major Presentation -The killer color to show you are in control and know exactly what your saying and where your going – wear with pride and own the room!


Ruby Woo - MAC

Ruby Woo – MAC


Blu Red - Lipsense

Blu Red – Lipsense











First Impression: Sociable and fun-loving, attractive and pretty

When to Wear:
Partner’s Family Function – Its the color to show your social side, and your fun loving edge to the situation!


Fuchsia Flash - Maybelline

Fuchsia Flash – Maybelline

Dare to Pink - Rimmel

Dare to Pink – Rimmel











First Impression: Independent, dependable and reliable, ambitious and driven, cultured and refined, attractive and pretty

When to Wear:
Job Interview – This shade allows people to feel as though you are dependable, reliable and ambitious – without being more powerful than an interviewer. Confidence is portrayed with being warm.
First Date – Reliable, soft and attractive – What more could you want to be seen as on a first date!


Rebel - MAC

Rebel – MAC













First Impression: Warm and caring, dependable and reliable, sweet and nice, attractive and pretty

When to Wear:

First Date – Reliable, soft and attractive – What more could you want to be seen as on a first date!
Work Brainstorm – For a time when you need to engage with colleagues and get the most out of them, along with yourself – definitely a good impression.


Beige - Bobbi Brown

Beige – Bobbi Brown










Whatever color suits your mood or event – have fun with it!

What color will you be wearing tomorrow?

Enjoy! xx


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  • Reply Nicole Michelle

    I wish I could I pull off red! That would be awesome, but more likely I’d be wearing nude with some dark shade of lip gloss 🙂

    28/02/2016 at 4:29 AM
    • Reply Black & White Insider

      I love Red too Nicole! I never thought it would suit me, but i found it did – try different shades and bite the bullet and try it! you may be pleasantly surprised! 🙂

      28/02/2016 at 10:30 PM
  • Reply Amy

    I go for a bright pink when I want to look awake! Its such a distraction technique!

    13/07/2016 at 3:23 PM
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