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JBronze Review – Sun Kissed Summer Series

There are literally hundreds of different fake tans in today’s world – how do you know which is the right one for you to get that perfect summer glow – and not look like you’ve been baked in an oven set to ‘Oompa Loompa’?

I am one of those who are naturally quite pale, and it takes me many weeks in the sun to even get close to having a bronzed goddess look – and like so many others I’d rather fake it and not have the effects of sun damage in my later life. Having a tan for a few months is simply not worth it.

The solution? Fake it!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing reviews of a few tanners that have worked for me and my pasty white skin.


The first and most expensive one is JBronze by Jennifer Hawkins. To be honest, I was a little reluctant to try this range at first – I really didn’t want to spend double the price than others and what I normally paid, I didn’t want to come away disappointed with the final result and lastly I also wanted to believe that Jennifer Hawkins could also do me no wrong, even in her tanning range.

I ended up spending the money and taking the risk on the deep bronze tanning mousse… the result?

In one word – amazing!

I exfoliated in the shower to increase my chance of a great result as per my usual routine, and applied the mousse with a tanning mitt. Both of these are crucial to getting a great result – no matter what tan you are trying.

The Application Game

The application overall was easy, the smell was not over powering like some brands and it had enough color to see where you had applied so you don’t miss spots on your body. In reading up about this product more, it actually boasts having a natural tinted bronzer within the mousse, which is what I would have been seeing in my application. It also talks about having caring ingredients (Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Walnut extracts) within the formula. The overall result and feeling of my skin really is soft and smooth, however a big part may be that I exfoliated. Either way – I’m super happy with the results overall.

The Color Factor

I used the Dark Tanning Mousse (in the picture) – I really could have also gone with the Medium color

It is a gradual tanner, however isn’t an overnight waiting game – just a few hours for a full result. I did mine and was out the door in an hour after doing my makeup and I was bronzed by the time I got to my destination. The color settles really well for a natural sun kissed look which says ‘oh I was just on a beach for a few hours and now I’m at this amazing event’. It’s an understated bronzed goddess statement which sets your color apart from the rest.

Pros & Cons

The Pro of JBronze? Everything. The color is natural but sun kissed, the application is easy and skin is soft after and it is a ‘long haul’ product to withstand your night or day out.

The Con of this product is only the price – It is on the more expensive side when you compare on tanning ranges overall – however as the saying goes “you get what you pay for”… in saying that I have come across some fantastic tanners which are less expensive, but don’t last as long or were suited for a shorter wearing period of time.


Overall, this is the type of tanner which is in it for the long haul with you and would definitely get a durability award – it will last a whole night of dancing, dreaded rain (if you get caught in it) and also withstands any potential streaking or rubbing off on things you touch.

This product generally is AUD $34.95 for 150ml – I generally get mine from Priceline, however there are many different stockists to purchase from.

I really can’t wait to try the rest of the range – I’m curious to see what the shade above (Medium mousse) comes out like!

For more information on this product, please see:


On to the next one…!



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