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Why Goal Setting Is So Hard & What YOU Can Do About It! Part 1

Goal Setting

If you’re like me (and many others) who have grand plans in life, but have a whole year go past and think “oh, how has that not happened yet?” or “I was just about to do that 6 months ago…”– Then keep reading!

Over my professional career in particular, I’ve often found that I nail deadlines, I’m driven, I’m focused and overall- I can just ‘get stuff done’. When it comes to my personal life, it often takes the back seat and I find myself thinking a lot about things, but not getting to the point where I am getting results or an outcome. It’s almost like writers block – but for getting stuff done!

I’ve come across so many different models, opinions, and theories around goal setting and achieving these. Personally, I believe there are elements of a few of these that can be tailored together to make the right mix and quite often it comes down to you and exactly the level of detail you want to get into when creating a game plan for aching results!

In this first part to setting goals and achieving them is to think smarter – not harder, and by this I really mean working with the S.M.A.R.T guide!

S | Specific

This sounds simple – however it’s often not for many of us! Being specific and not ambiguous allows us to get right to the point of what we want the overall end result to be. This might be as simple as ‘I want to spend an hour every day reading’. Action words are often a good way of getting the specifics down – they can help with thinking about a target in sight for your overall goal.

M | Measurable

I find this one of the hardest aspects to do – measure! However, there certainly needs to be parameters around your progression – how do you know if all of your hard work is actually getting you where you need to go? Whatever this looks like for your goals, even if it’s a small thing – measure your successes. You’ll also be able to look back and see how you progressed and also tell your friends and family about it (if you want to).

A | Attainable

There are times where I would love to set a goal of having 1 million followers on my blog by next month! Will this happen – maybe, but in one month? Probably not. Don’t set yourself up for failure and disappointment by setting your goals too high to soon – reach for the stars but also be realistic in getting there!

R | Relevant

This can be a hard aspect to think about. I would suggest asking yourself – Is your goal something you will have control over or influence over? Is it meaningful and it is the right timing for me to be setting this goal?

T | Time – Bound

What is the time frame for achieving the objective? Set a target date and some milestones help keep things on track. By placing a time frame on your goals allows you to fully focus on what you need to and when you need to achieve it by. It will keep you on track in the bigger picture and sets you up to make a game plan to get there! Make mini goals within your overall time frame to help you along the way celebrate even the little wins in getting to where you want to be.


This is really the tip of the iceberg in the world of goal setting.

In the next part to this post, I’m going to explain more about the next steps in achieving your goals and go into the thinking behind what you will need to succeed. I’ll also provide you with a custom tool I’ve created to help you along the way!

Stay tuned Insiders!



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